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QSC kw 153 vs JBL SRX835P? - Gearslutz.

06/01/2018 · Differences in JBL PRX 700 series vs PRX 800 series. Forum. DJing Discussion. Differences in JBL PRX 700 series vs PRX 800 series. This area is for discussion about DJing in general. Please remember the community rules when posting and try to be polite and inclusive. The srx series has an input of Line 1, Consumer & Mic. JBL SR-X vs SRX? Hey guys,. There is also the bit older SRX 700 series vs the newest SRX 800 series which are much more comparable. level 1. 1 point · 1 year ago. I bought a pair of srx 835ps in a pinch and I've been very impressed with them. Never cared for jbl much until these. 10/10/2018 · Now onto the 835p vs KW153, I personally haven't heard the PRX series, but I know that absolutely every component in the SRX series is of much higher grade quality, including the transducers. There is also the size and weight. The SRX speakers are somewhat larger and heavier than the budget PRX. 20/09/2016 · EV ETX TOP END AND SUBS OR JBL SRX800 SERIES SPEAKERS. dolcedave 10:45 PM - 22 June, 2015. I have decided to. looks like the ex 18" sub is much more louder than the jbl srx sub but ultimatley I know I need to a/b the two products. I actually tested the ETX-12P vs the JBL.

The benefit of Bose F1 vs. JBL is portability, power per weight, good looking, and a smoothness that requires very little equalization to sound good and avoid feedback, especially in a live music setting at reasonable levels. So really depends on what you're trying to do. Jbl Srx812p vs Qsc KW122. On the srx I haven't seen that many reviews. But they have been mixed. People seem to like them and some not so much especially on the limiting. Seems like there is required tweaking upon unboxing. JBL wins, difference lies in the HF. Srx812p vs Prx812w or Prx712 self.livesound submitted 2 years ago by Zapmenow. Do I purchase a single pair of the srx cabs or purchase two pairs of prx cabs?There are certain shows where I like setting up two main cabinets side by side splayed out for a wider coverage plus having some coupling is. 12/10/2017 · JBLSRX728 vs JBLSRX828SP. just bought the 828, and it's a very impressive box, compared with much that is available at its price, and above. The srx being a fully integrated system should have some advantages and I've seen favourable comments on the srx when compared. Welcome to the Gearslutz Pro Audio Community! Registration benefits. 06/04/2013 · JBL PRX vs EON. RCapone 4:05 AM - 3 April, 2013. Not sure if this is the right forum. I've been a JBL EON fan since about 2005 from the first gen EONs. Does anyone have experience with both the PRX and EON that can say the difference - pros/cons. I'd be looking to compare the EON515 and PRX615 or the PRX415. DJMark.

however, the srx does a better job reproducing the lower frequencies. i have done the same band on kw subs and srx800 subs and could drastically tell a difference. the drummer had a trigger for a 50hz tone that you could really feel with the srx. for the price, i can't think of a reason to go with qsc over the jbl. imo it's better gear for less. 05/07/2017 · PA Rig Upgrade for Larger Venues - JBL SRX835P or QSC KW153. 2-way 15" cabs and a powered JBL PRX sub. Works great for small bars. But the band is skyrocketing in popularity and we're getting better gigs and a LOT more. Qsc does have a longer warranty but I'd still take the jbl srx. Since you own neither, I'd go srx hands.

23/01/2012 · Re: JBL PRX618S-XLF vs. JBL SRX718s Thanks guys. Yeah I've noticed the SRX spec threads. You do a google search and there are endless threads over many different forums about it, just with no certain/accurate answers. 07/12/2019 · I like both of them in terms of sound: typical JBL and Crown "shade" on the SRX, not so far from the PRX I now own and I listened to couple of DZR12 not 15 unfortunately and I liked the sound, perhaps a bit more flat and darker than JBL but anyway clear and well-balanced.

JBL Professional has made a name for itself by producing great sounding, long lasting portable PA systems. With the introduction of the SRX800 line of powered portable PA loudspeakers, JBL has set the standard for what a fully professional powered PA system should be. 13/01/2016 · I've narrowed it down to JBL PRX or SRX. Where I'm located it is difficult to get a live A/B comparison so I'm hoping some here have heard both and can give me some opinions. What I'm looking for is advice on the sound quality of the SRX over the PRX.

20/02/2008 · As for the upgrade, it is definitely worth it. The PRX's are a very, very good sounding box, lightweight and have the cool blue light on the front! Johnny P.S. I'm a fan of the JBL's. If you want to go a little bit further up-market, check out the SRX series, though I don't believe they come powered. JBL VRX or SRX? Krynos. So I’m deciding between the JBL SRX 722's and the EV QRX 212's, money is the same. I'm leaning towards the EV's because they power better. But for some reason for which I cannot explain, i like the thought of keeping everything the same brand. jbl subs with jbl mains. 10/07/2009 · I am looking to buy a PA system for my band. I have been doing some research and so far I have decided on the SRX 725 or the Yorkville U215. My plan is to use the 2 cabinets by themselves in small parties 100-250 ppl and for bigger parties 250-1000.

We just picked up a half dozen SRX712's a few months ago. They're flyable, Pole mounted, wedge or stack. They only weigh 33lbs, run full range or biamp, and are not far behind our 90lb, 3 way, KF300s in. 05/11/2014 · However, I am selling my SRX system that I use for bigger shows and I figured I could use some of the money to upgrade them. So I would be interested to hear of anyone who has actually compared PRX to DSR. BTW I am big JBL fan and have had fantastic service all these years so this would be quite a change for me in this price bracket.

27/09/2015 · 2x EV ETX35P or JBL SRX835P-- plus --2x ETX12P or JBL SRX812PFOH vocal clarity at distanceNew purchase warrantyRetains wedge options - FOH non-symmetrical, combines 60x40 and 90x60 boxes. - 2 man lift I'm not a big guy - At this level, small DH3 compression driver on ETX a compromise in a 2-way? - JBL SRX pushing overbudget. 28/06/2016 · The down side is you need 2 kw181's to meet the output level wise of the 828. More money, but I'll have them a while and my back will thank me in the long run. All the speakers you mentioned sound great, and the other description of the qsc's high end being crisper vs the jbl's being warmer is a good way to describe it.

Jbl PRX412M or JBL SRX828SP - Comparing ⭐ Reviews & Differences Compare Real Customer Reviews, Prices, Images,. vs. Jbl PRX412M. JBL SRX828SP. Lowest price found: $643.62 this price was last seen 12 hours ago on this listing Show listings Show reviews. Lowest price found: $1199.

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