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Flask-Ext 0.1 pip install Flask-Ext Copy PIP instructions. Latest version. Last released: Apr 11, 2019 Extensions of Flask. Navigation. Project description Release history Download files Project links. Homepage Statistics. GitHub statistics: Stars: Forks: Open issues/PRs: View. I'm following @Miguel flask mega tutorial which is great. In chapter 3 he talks about web forms and flaskWTF extension, installing the extension like this sudo pip install Flask-WTF resulted in. Flask is a lightweight WSGI web application framework. It is designed to make getting started quick and easy, with the ability to scale up to complex applications. It began as a simple wrapper around Werkzeug and Jinja and has become one of the most popular Python web application frameworks. Flask offers suggestions, but doesn’t enforce any dependencies or project layout. opencensus-ext-flask 0.7.3 pip install opencensus-ext-flask Copy PIP instructions. Latest version. Last released: Oct 1, 2019 OpenCensus Flask Integration. Navigation. Project description Release history Download files Project links. Homepage Statistics. GitHub statistics: Stars: Forks: Open. tradenity-flask-ext 0.7.0 pip install tradenity-flask-ext Copy PIP instructions. Latest version. Last released: Feb 6, 2019 Flask framework extensions for Tradenity Python SDK. Navigation. Project description Release history Download files Project links. Homepage Statistics. GitHub.

Install Flask-RESTful with pip. pip install flask-restful. The development version can be downloaded from its page at GitHub. git clone https: // github. com / flask-restful / flask-restful. git cd flask-restful python setup. py develop. Flask-RESTful has the following dependencies which will be automatically installed if you use pip. Flask-CORS¶ A Flask extension for handling Cross Origin Resource Sharing CORS, making cross-origin AJAX possible. This package has a simple philosophy, when you want to enable CORS, you wish to enable it for all use cases on a domain. This means no. To add JSONP support to all routes which previously used flask.jsonify, simply import jsonify from flask.ext.jsonpify instead of importing it from flask. The arguments and responses are fully compatible. Alternatively,. $ pip install flask-jsonpify Usage.

Flask-MySQL¶. Flask-MySQL is a Flask extension that allows you to access a MySQL database. You can report bugs and discuss features on the issues page. The following configuration values exist for Flask-Session. Flask-Session loads these values from your Flask application config, so you should configure your app first before you pass it to Flask-Session. Note that these values cannot be modified after the init_app was applyed so.

Flask 1.1 The following packages are optional: Markdown 2.6: Markdown support for the browsable API; Install using pip: pip install Flask-API Import and initialize your application: from flask_api import FlaskAPI app = FlaskAPI__name__ Responses. Return any valid response object as normal, or return a. return celery >>> app = Flask 'myapp' >>> ext = FlaskCeleryExt app, create_celery_app = make_celery Larger applications ¶ In a front-end Flask application you will usually only need a minimal Celery application configured in order for Celery to know which broker to use etc. If you want to initialize the navigation bar within a Flask app context, you can use this decorator. The decorated function should nave one paramater nav which is the bound navigation extension instance. class flask.ext.em.Itemlabel, endpoint, args=None, url=None, html_attrs=None, items=None¶ The navigation item object.

pip install flask-widgets. Set Up¶ Widgets is managed through a Widgets instance: from flask import Flask from flask.ext.widgets import Widgets app = Flask __name__ widgets = Widgets app You may also set up your Widgets instance later at configuration time using init_app method. Flask-PyMongo depends on recent versions of Flask and PyMongo, where “recent” is defined to mean “was released in the last 3 years”. Flask-PyMongo may work with older versions, but compatibility fixes for older versions will not be accepted, and future changes may break compatibility in older versions. Note. Flask-AutoIndex uses Flask-Silk to serve icons. Per default, the icons from Mark James’s Silk icon set are used. These icons are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License or 3.0 License.Before using the icons, read the license. Install with pip: pip install Flask-Email. or install with easy_install: easy_install Flask-Email. Usage¶ Instantiate a email backend: from flask import Flask from flask.ext.email import ConsoleMail app = Flask __name__ mailbox = ConsoleMail app or initialize it later init_app. Install the extension with the following command: $ pip install Flask-Hookserver Configuration¶ Webhook handlers are managed using a Hook instance: from flask import Flask from flask.ext.hookserver import Hooks app = Flask __name__ app. config ['GITHUB_WEBHOOKS_KEY'].

Flask-Login¶ Flask-Login provides user session management for Flask. It handles the common tasks of logging in, logging out, and remembering your users’ sessions over extended periods of time. It will: Store the active user’s ID in the session, and let you log them in and out easily. Let you restrict views to logged-in or logged-out users. pip install flask-socketio. For Kafka, the package kafka-python must be installed pip install kafka-python. For other message queues supported by Kombu, see the Kombu documentation to find out what dependencies are needed.

Flask-BabelEx¶. Flask-BabelEx is an extension to Flask that adds i18n and l10n support to any Flask application with the help of babel, pytz and speaklater.It has builtin support for date formatting with timezone support as well as a very simple and friendly interface to gettext translations. Flask-RESTful 有如下的依赖包如果你使用 pip ,依赖包会自动地安装:. Flask 版本 0.8 或者更高; Flask-RESTful 要求 Python 版本为 2.6, 2.7, 或者 3.3。. Flask-Babel¶. Flask-Babel is an extension to Flask that adds i18n and l10n support to any Flask application with the help of babel, pytz and speaklater.It has builtin support for date formatting with timezone support as well as a very simple and friendly interface to gettext translations. Quickstart¶. Flask-Tweepy uses OAuth to authenticate to Twitter’s API servers. You’ll need your application’s Consumer Key and Consumer Secret, which you can create or obtain at the Twitter Developers website. Flask-Tweepy 0.1 currently only supports connecting as the user who registered the application that is, you can only update the status of that user.

$ pip install Flask-Assets Usage. Babel for internationalization, then you will need to add the extension to your babel configuration file as webassets.ext.jinja2.AssetsExtension. Otherwise, babel will not extract strings from any templates that include an assets tag. pip install Flask-Script. or download the latest version from version control: git clone https: // github. com / smurfix / flask-script. git cd flask-script python setup. py develop. If you are using virtualenv, it is assumed that you are installing Flask-Script in the same virtualenv as your Flask applications.

Welcome to Tradenity Flask framework SDK extensions. This extension library facilitates integration between Flask applications and Python SDK for Tradenity ecommerce API. Installation. This package is available through PyPI Python Package Index, to install it type the following on the command line: $ pip install tradenity-flask-ext.

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